OLD – Factoids about Ted

  • Ted is a direct descendent of The American Revolution whose family has been elected to political office for five generations.
  • Ted lived in 25 different places before he was 14 years old, leaving little yellow rain coats in many schools all over the US.
  • Ted plays the banjo and guitar – he says that when babies are born in Yucapuca, they are given a baby rattle in one hand and either a banjo, guitar or fiddle in the other.
  • Ted has been an active amateur radio operator since he was 13 years old. His call letters are W7KEY and he hold many awards, including for his work providing emergency communications (civil defense).

    Ted has been an amateur radio operator since 1958. Seen here at his telegraph station K5OPC. His ham call letters are W7KEY. He has won major awards for public service and operator skills. A National NC125 with a Heathkit DX35 transmitter - for those who understand these things

  • Ted and his wife, Carmen, celebrate their 42th wedding anniversary this year.
  • As an anthropologist, Ted has completed academic research in the Americas (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, American Southwest), the United Kingdom, the Middle East (Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen), and Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria). He has taught in Japan.

    The Jaja Bujagali spiritual leader. Ted working on the conflict of spirituality with hydroelectric development in Uganda, Bujagali dam.








Private Sector

  • President and Owner, Q5 Inc. 2003 – present.
  • Consultant, Downing and Associates, 1988-Present

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