RP Barefoot, without a hat –

RP Barefoot, without a hat –

  Q.  “Ted, why do you like to say that “all politicians should go barefoot and not wear hats?”

  Ted:   “The public needs to know whether politicians have horns and cloven hoofs.”

” But let’s leave some mystery. I don’t expect them to take off their pants to prove they don’t have a barbed tails! ”

National Anti-Corruption Awardee


Ted was awarded one of two national Anti-Corruption Awards for his work attempts to reduce hyper-partisanship in federal and state elections. Ted wrote the initial draft of the Arizona Top 2 Primary  (Open Elections/Open Government) Initiative. Dark money from the Koch brothers defeated the Initiative at the ballot box, but its embers smolder.

The award was made by the New York Independent Parties.