What I Do

seeking social development, with justice through scholarship and activism

Research Professor of Social Development and Director of Social Development Division, Arizona Research Laboratories, University of Arizona

Former Lawmaker, elected 2 terms to the Arizona House of Representatives (2003-2006)

President, International Network on Displacement and Resettlement www.displacement.net

Applied Anthropologist. Past-President, The Society for Applied Anthropology

The Sol Tax Award

The Sol Tax Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by the Society for Applied Anthropology in recognition of long-term and truly distinguished service to Society. Ted was specifically recognized for his professional service in 2014, his lifelong contributions to involuntary resettlement theory, his high ethical standards as a human rights advocate, and his political pragmatism.

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Change how, not simply who governs.

National Anti-Corruption Awardee

Ted was awarded one of two national Anti-Corruption Awards for his work attempts to reduce hyper-partisanship in federal and state elections. Ted wrote the initial draft of the Arizona Top 2 Primary  (Open Elections/Open Government) Initiative. Dark money from the Koch brothers defeated the Initiative at the ballot box, but its embers smolder.

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Professionally, Ted and Carmen continues with this attempt to avoid and mitigate the impact on millions of people worldwide who face needless impoverishment by being in the pathway of development projects. Their internationally recognized theory of Routine and Dissonant Culture  explains the psycho-social and cultural disruptions facing the displaced.

Read Ted’s Foreword to Global Implications of Development, Disasters and Climate Change Price and Singer 2016: Responses to displacement from Asia Pacific(2016)

Who is Ted Downing?

View a 2 min video from Who is Ted Downing? by Tani Sanchez.

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